How to get cookies

How does local pickup work?

Unlike our previous life of being a traveling pop up bakery, we are now located at 2050 Bryant St. in San Francisco, where you can visit our microbakery. Pre-orders will be open at the beginning of every week, and will close the day before at 5 PM. Any pre-orders that are not picked up within our opening hours that day cannot be refunded.

We are still solidifying our hours, but soft launch will continue every Saturday from 11 AM - 3 PM on 5/4 and 5/11. We will be on a short break for the rest of the month, and will resume service on 6/22. Thank you for your patience with this!

Do you offer delivery or shipping?

Unfortunately at this time we've put a hold on shipping to focus on the soft opening of our bakery. Stay tuned via our newsletter or Instagram to find out if we do!

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns. If you encountered an issue with your order, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Large orders

Do you take corporate or event orders?

Yes - we do custom order for events, weddings, or corporate catering if they can meet a minimum order quantity of 100 cookies. Contact us if you'd like to inquire about a future order.

Can you make smaller cookies?

We offer 2 ounce cookies of select flavors with a minimum order quantity of 200 mini cookies. Orders must be finalized at least one month in advance. Please contact us if you'd like to inquire.

About our cookies

What's the best way to eat these cookies?

You may find that shipped cookies get a bit dry during their travels (as there are no preservatives in these treats!). Cookies may be stored in an airtight container if eaten within 5 days, but we prefer eating them sooner than later, or freezing them. For best results, we recommend freezing any cookies you don’t plan to eat immediately - keep them in a sealed container, in the original paper cookie or pastry bag if possible. Cookies should be consumed within 1-2 months if frozen.

If you'd like to heat up your cookies, allow your cookie to defrost for a few minutes to allow more even heating, and bake in 350℉ oven for 2-3 minutes until warm.

In general, we like to keep things simple - eat your cookies sooner, and eat them warm.

How big are your cookies?

Each of our cookies are 4 ounces in weight, about 4 inches in diameter.

Which cookies are nut or dairy free?

All cookies are nut free with the exception of chocolate walnut and salted peanut butter chocolate (seasonal), and matcha shortbread (contains cashew butter).

Black sesame oreo, vegan chocolate chip (seasonal), lemon earl grey (seasonal), and matcha shortbread are all dairy free.

If you or your recipient has a severe allergy, please know that while we do our best to prevent cross-contamination, we are not an allergen-free bakery. 


Can I bring my own reusable container?

Absolutely. Bring any clean, dry container, and we'll happily give you a small discount of any purchase of 4+ cookies as a thank you for reducing packaging waste.

Is your packaging plastic free?

Yes - Everything is compostable or recyclable if clean, including the bags that the cookies come in for shipped orders to the stickers used for sealing all our orders.